B1G fans react to Notre Dame move to ACC

We've heard from Big Ten commissioner Jim Delany about Notre Dame's move to the ACC. Now let's hear from you, the Big Ten fan.

Earlier today on Twitter, I asked fans of Notre Dame's three regular Big Ten rivals -- Michigan, Michigan State and Purdue -- what they'd like to see happen to the series in the future. Did they want the Notre Dame games annually, sporadically or never?

Notre Dame made the ACC move in large part because of football scheduling, and it could put its annual series with Big Ten teams in jeopardy.

Here's some of what you had to say (fan affiliations included):

  • @NickDreamy1: I'd like to see ND play MSU/UM in alternating years in four-year home and home. Both are important rivalries for Irish

  • @PURDUE_RANT: Most #Purdue fans want the Notre Dame series to continue. Love keeping the intrastate rivalries alive.

  • @aLiquidCure: #MSU fan: partial continuation would be fine. Enjoying more variety of Ala, Ore, TheU,BSU series than a somewhat stale rivalry.

  • @Tyler_Ochs (Purdue): Of course you want it to continue There is no better feeling than beating Notre Dame It's like beating your pretentious brother

  • @Jason_Henry: partial the ND series didn't help Michigan much in the polls because of collapses by ND as season went on. But too much history for it to completely stop #GoBlue

  • @JayCronk07: #Purdue series should continue. More games played than against others in #B1G. #UM will prob no longer be annual, IMO.

  • @aaronbrown35: #Spartans please keep this annual game! It always has one of the best crowds and is a great competitive rivalry!

  • @MaxLogan: (MSU fan) Would like to see it continue, but not if they have to bend over backwards for ND. Other strong teams on future sched

  • @GregSiviy: Grew up a PUR fan b4 going 2 MSU. Speaking for both, ND is always an early test and source of pride - I don't want to see it go

  • @nathan_james14: as a Michigan fan it makes the beginning of the season important, we need to keep playing Notre dame

  • @mosesfram: #MichiganState has an annual rivalry with ND that takes two year breaks occasionally. We're 10-5 against them last 15. Keep it.

  • @Grew79: Michigan doesn't need they....they can find better quality competition #goblue

Here are a few more tweets from Big Ten fans of other teams:

  • @Waztron: #OhioState agree with late joepa: kick em to the curb. We can schedule better teams, don't need ND.

  • @mayer15: partial sched against the B1G. Great exposure and fun rivalries with closer teams like Illinois and N'western. #Illini

  • @bucknut25: B1G schools should void the contracts. If our conference isn't good enough to join then quit playing B1G schools. #GoBucks

Thanks for all the responses.