Friday mailblog

I know FSU has a defense, guys, I know ...

Scott in Tallahassee writes: HD, I said last week that you weren't giving fsu enough credit and they would handle WF much more easily than your score prediction indicated. I said 38-3 or something pretty close to that. I don't think you fully appreciate how good this defense is and it's affecting your predictions. Maybe after this week you will see the light. The D line will assert itself while Rhodes and Joyner relieve Clemsons O coordinator of his misconception that they match up well. Fsu 38-10.

HD: Yep, you were right. That D dominated, but I'm telling you, the dream is over this week. Florida State's defense will win up front, but Clemson's offense is going to score. It's going to make plays in space. The Noles will finally meet their match. They'll win, but they'll also be humbled a bit.

Mike in the Carolinas writes: Do you know if the ACC still plans to go to a 9 game conference football schedule in football in 2013 now that Notre Dame will be playing 5 ACC teams in a couple years?

HD: Yes, Mike it does. ACC commissioner John Swofford has said that if the athletic directors want to revisit the issue, they're more than welcome to. It wouldn't surprise me if they did, considering the coaches aren't thrilled about the nine-game format. There hasn't been any talk of it changing, though.

Van in San Clemente, Calif., writes: Hey Heather! Is it to early to be considering Duke Johnson for the Heisman? He is averaging 212.67 yards a game and has six touchdowns, both are second best in the nation. He is also averaging 9.2 yards a carry rushing. The only other person that has comparable numbers is De'Anthony Thomas and he is getting a lot of hype. Duke is pretty much the sole reason why the Hurricanes have two wins. Any love for the Duke?

HD: Lotta love for the Duke, Van, but no Heisman love just yet. If Sammy Watkins didn't get it as a true freshman playing for the ACC champs, Duke certainly isn't going to get it playing for a probably bowl-less Miami team. He'll get his due, though, it's only a matter of time. He's certainly in the lead for the ACC's Rookie of the Year Award, at least on my ballot.

Zach J. in Jacksonville, Fla., writes: Comparing FSU's defensive depth chart against Clemson for 2011 vs 2012, the only major difference is that they're missing Jenkins and Reid. Is there really that much of a question that Clemson can match them point for point against arguably the same D (minus their two best defenders)? This game scares me as a Clemson fan but a little less now that I looked a little more into it. Your thoughts?

HD: That's not the only major difference -- Clemson's offensive line and its depth is a major difference. The guys who started against Auburn are healthy and expected to start against the Noles, but they are still a question mark in Dabo Swinney's book.

Jeff in Clemson, S.C., writes: So are you done sipping on the Logan Thomas Cool-Aid or are you going to make a new excuse for him this week? It has been blatantly obvious to anyone not wearing and maroon and probably a lot of people wearing maroon that Logan Thomas is just your average, middle of the road ACC quarterback. Time to drop the hype and face reality. He is nothing more than a tight end playing quarterback.

HD: Nope, not buying. Still think he's one of the best in the league.

Sean in Mullica Hill, N.J., writes: Heather,I think most Hokie fans think Logan will be fine and continue to great things. 8 new starters on offense, yes, but it's not like they are true freshman. Many of them have been in the program for well over a year. That's what practice is for and that's the coaches jobs to ensure they are ready when it is their turn. Every year we lose to a team we shouldn't lose to, and lose a game we need to win. We(Hokie fans) know we have a consistant program, for the most part, and we are always in the hunt, but the question is, when will we take the next step and get it done when we need to, rather than just make excuses for loses we shouldn't be losing??

HD: Yeah, but see, to me, eight new starters is a significant hurdle. Look at what's going on at Miami. They're having similar struggles. I'm not saying it's an excuse -- VT should not have lost to Pitt. I'm just saying that maybe expectations were too high to begin with.