Friday Q&A: WVU receiver Stedman Bailey

Stedman Bailey and his teammate, Tavon Austin, lead the Big 12 with five touchdown catches each. Bailey's hauled in 28 catches for 332 yards, too.

This weekend, Baylor comes into town to kick off Big 12 play in Morgantown. Bailey sat down with ESPN.com this week for a few questions.

Author's note: Parts of this interview were cut for length.

How would you describe your attitude toward the first Big 12 game in Morgantown?

First and foremost, I'm very excited. I never got a chance to play any school in the Big 12, and here we are, presented with a chance and opportunity to go up against Baylor this week. I'm very excited. I'm excited to see the talent we'll be facing.

How would you assess your own play through three games this year?

I'd say I've been pretty productive. I've been able to do some pretty good things now on offense. I had a kind of slow game this past weekend going up against Maryland, but Tavon was able to step up and do some big things to help us win that game. I would say I've been pretty productive, though.

What do you need to do better to be as productive as you want to be?

Last week, I put like two balls on the ground. Me being a receiver, I don't want to put any balls on the ground, so just making all the routine plays I would make if it was a practice situation and just trying to be the playmaker that I am, making all the plays I'm supposed to make.

When I visited this spring, we talked a little bit about the possibility of Geno Smith being in the Heisman race. For now, it looks like he's the frontrunner. How would you describe the way he's played so far this season?

Geno's been phenomenal. He's always composed when we're in the game. He's doing a good job of making smart decisions when we're on and off the field, and due to him making those smart decisions, he's been able to put up some pretty good numbers and not really make any mistakes like throwing an interception or things like that, turnovers.

I talked to Coach Holgorsen this week, and he explained that it's his staff's job to get you ready and educate you on your opponent. What's the most interesting thing you've learned about Baylor during this week?

Those guys are a team that can score just as many points as we can, and from my understanding, their operation likes to do tempo, getting on the ball fast and I would say they rely a lot on their offense. Their offense can put up points and the defense doesn't have to do quite as good as long as the offense is doing what they're able to do.

Baylor looks like a pretty good team, though.

Has he talked much about the league this week, or has it really just been centered on Baylor?

It's really been centered on Baylor. we know we're entering conference play now and from here on our, we'll be playing nothing but teams in the Big 12, but we're just taking it one game at a time. Baylor's our opponent and that's our main focus.

What jumped out to you when you saw their game against Louisiana-Monroe?

That game was pretty high-scoring. They were down at first, but those guys did a good job of fighting and were able to come back and get the win, but I saw that Louisiana-Monroe, I wouldn't say their offense is exactly like ours, but they like to pass the ball around a lot and they were able to put up some pretty big numbers as far as that quarterback passing and getting the ball to a bunch of different receivers.

We looked at that and saw we could hopefully take advantage of a couple things.

Can we expect to see a little two-QB formation from you this week, then?

Oh no. (laughs). That was something very new to me. I've never seen a team come out like that and that's unique to them.

There's plenty of talk about the expectation for this game to be high scoring, too. What's it like to come into a game like this as a receiver?

It's exciting for me, just the fact that we're probably going to get on the field a lot and maybe go back and forth a lot with the Baylor offense. They have some pretty good receivers over there and a good quarterback as well, but we just want to show those guys that we're going to definitely come out and give them our best game. We've been training up and we game planned them all week. We've just got to come out and execute.