Hogs' collapse simply stunning

Even before Texas A&M's 58-10 dismantling of Arkansas on Saturday, it was pretty obvious to most that the Aggies were a team headed in one direction and the Hogs in another.

But as we sit back and process what has happened to this Arkansas team, it's stunning how far this team has fallen.

Simply, it's a collapse that ranks up there with any in recent SEC memory when you consider that Arkansas (1-4) started the season in the top 10 nationally.

Bobby Petrino's actions last spring put this program in a terrible situation, no doubt, and there were already serious concerns on the defensive side of the ball from a personnel standpoint.

But, now, it gets down to pride, and there's no other way to say it: This team looks like roadkill.

How else do you explain playing two SEC games and being outscored 110-10? How else do you explain giving up 179 points in four games against FBS opponents? How else do you explain giving up 24 or more points in all five games? How else do you explain Texas A&M reeling off 51 unanswered points on Saturday?

Unfortunately for the Hogs, the nightmare that is this season is nowhere close to being over.