3-point stance: Will LSU leaders step up?

1. It is easy to see why No. 4 LSU looked flat Saturday night. Not only is Towson State a rent-a-victim, but the game wedged itself between two of LSU’s most intense SEC rivals -- Auburn and Florida. And you could write it off -- and the three Tigers turnovers and the four sacks of Zach Mettenberger -- if LSU hadn’t looked flat the week before at Jordan-Hare Stadium. Now comes a visit to the No. 10 Gators, who are playing fierce defense and showing a habit of second-half domination. LSU needs its leaders to lead.

2. The best athletic directors enjoy more about their job than raising money. Bob Bowlsby, the new Big 12 commissioner, who attended the West Virginia-Baylor game Saturday said the transition from a career as an AD is not simple. “I miss having students pop into my office, or walking out to practice,” said Bowlsby, who left Stanford this summer and moved to Dallas. “I went to SMU-Baylor (on Sept. 4) to get an infusion.”

3. Of all the inflated stats produced by the Mountaineer offense Saturday in the 70-63 victory over the Bears -- the most amazing is one that a video game wouldn’t dare reproduce. West Virginia ran 88 plays. Geno Smith threw 51 passes. He got knocked down once. Before anyone indicts the Baylor secondary, the defensive line doesn’t get a free pass. The failure was a team effort.