3-point stance: Coaches get less time to win

1. Love the point that Tom Luginbill made to me on the ESPNU College Football Podcast Monday. A) Teams in the midwest suffered because when jobs left, people left, and high schools closed behind them. B) The SEC has prospered because the biggest, fastest defensive linemen come from the south. C) Notre Dame has returned to the top five because of its defensive front. D) Look where its defensive linemen are from: end Kapron Lewis-Moore, Texas; nose guard Louis Nix III, Florida; end Stephon Tuitt, Georgia.

2. Coaches get only three years, give or take a year, to produce a winning program. And yet, listening to Florida head coach Will Muschamp after the 14-6 defeat of LSU on Saturday, it’s not until the second season that a strength coach’s work really bares fruit. And it’s not until the second season that players fully understand the new offensive and defensive schemes and can put their experience to work on the field. In other words, coaches have a smaller window through which to fit than ever before.

3. Maybe Pac-12 football has changed more than you think. The conference has only two quarterbacks among the top 25 in the FBS in passing efficiency. Arizona State sophomore Taylor Kelly is 10th (166.34) and Oregon freshman Marcus Mariota is 21st (156.42). The Big 12 has the top four most efficient quarterbacks, five of the top six and six of the top nine. The west coast has been passed by. Just remember: the earliest (i.e., 1930s) teams to succeed throwing the ball came from Texas.