Hot Button: Les Miles vs. Steve Spurrier

So, who ya got?

You going with the Mad Hatter or the Head Ball Coach?

Both Les Miles and Steve Spurrier have had very successful careers at their current schools, but if Miles wins a second national championship at LSU or Spurrier wins South Carolina's first SEC championship game, which would be more impressive?

ESPN.com's Mark Schlabach and I took on the debate. Schlabach took Spurrier leading the Gamecocks to uncharted territory, while I went with the grass-eating Miles and all of his quirkiness.

Sure, South Carolina went from being near the bottom of the barrel to one of the best teams in the SEC, but Miles not only has to guide his team through the country's toughest conference, overcome one loss and get by with a handful of missing players, he has to coach around himself. There have been so many perplexing moves by Miles over the years that you never know what you're going to get from him.

Let the debate, before the debate, begin!