3-point stance: Missing Beano

1. So Alex Karras and Beano Cook died in the same 24-hour period. Both irreverent, both ABC Sports veterans, both iconic figures in college football. I don’t know what Beano thought of Karras. I’m sure we talked about him. And that’s what makes me sad. I can’t call him and ask him. It would have been great to hear what Beano thought of Karras, both on next week’s podcast and on our end-of-the-year memoriam show. Instead, they will both be on the memoriam show.

2. It’s nice to hear when predicted benefits actually come to fruition. When the FBS schools agreed to a playoff earlier this year, there were a lot of predictions that there would be more big non-conference games and fewer rent-a-victim games. Predictions are one thing. Results are another. In the past couple of weeks, Ohio State has announced home-and-home deals with TCU and Texas (recruit in Texas, Buckeyes?) and Wisconsin has made a deal with BYU. It’s great news.

3. Fresno State goes to Boise State this weekend, and both offenses know better than to relax, on or off the field. Fresno State is first in the FBS in creating turnovers, with 18. Boise State is tied for second, with 17. Both teams are plus-10. Expect a game with big momentum switches. But don’t mistake the winner as the front-runner in the Mountain West. Both Fresno State and Boise State have to play at Nevada.