Bridgewater draws inspiration from mom

CFL Extra: Teddy Bridgewater (1:34)

Is Teddy Bridgewater the most underrated player in college football? (1:34)

MIAMI -- The time had come for Rose Murphy to gather her children around her. This would be a tough day for her, but not nearly the toughest of her life.

Those would follow.

Murphy looked at her two boys and her two girls, sitting on her sofa, wondering what she wanted to tell them. Her baby boy, Teddy, looked at her with his big, brown eyes. She focused on Teddy, who was just beginning what would turn out to be a record-setting high school football career.

"I have breast cancer," she said.

Teddy just stared at her, his expression changing from hopeful to sad. His older siblings did not know how to deal with such traumatic news and quickly scattered. But Teddy, well, he just sat on the couch, looking at his mother.

"My mom is going to die," he thought.

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