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What's crackin'?

Rob from Pascoag, R.I., writes: Matt, Shouldn't the defense's points allowed actually be 8.42/game since the touchdown in the Stanford games was due to the an offensive fumble, therefore the defense didn't give up the points?

Matt Fortuna: Rob, technically yes, though that is not how it is officially counted. I would like to see football, on some glorious day in the future, go to a strategy similar to baseball, accounting for "earned" points, interceptions, etc., that would not damage the numbers of an individual or unit that were not specifically responsible for the miscues.

Lenny Dias from Everett, Wash., writes: Matt I don't know if you can answer this yet, but do you expect Gunner Kiel to sit behind Everett Golson for four years?

Matt Fortuna: I don't think any human being can answer this yet. Four years is a long time, my friend. Way too many variables for me to even begin to think of scenarios that work out for one or both of those guys.

Brian from Cincinnati writes: Hey Matt, I was wondering if you think that since the call on the goal-line stand was controversial, that many voters in the polls will rank the Irish as if they had lost that game? Or at least give them little to no credit for beating a ranked team? No one really mentions the Irish winning without a witty parentheses to the effect of (or did they?), which really is starting to bother me because they don't take other controversial calls this long.

Matt Fortuna: To answer your question in a word: No.

Dan from New York writes: Hey Matt ... Do you think a win in Norman will finally make the public realize that Notre Dame is a legit team? I know that the Irish offense is going to have to pull through big time but I feel good about their running game and that able to create some opportunities. Is a win this Saturday the one that will lock ND in for a BCS game?

Matt Fortuna: Dan, I think Notre Dame is locked into a BCS game regardless. I just cannot see the Irish lose to Pitt, Boston College or Wake Forest, meaning 10 wins is more than likely. And a 10-win Notre Dame team is a BCS-bowl team, plain and simple. The Irish certainly have a chance Saturday night, but they will have to play their best game of the season. And yes, win in Norman, and no one is questioning much about this team.

Giancarlo Toffoli from St. Jean, Canada, writes: Mr. Fortuna, please pardon my skepticism but I simply do not see the leprechaun landing in Norman and being competitive. This reminds me of the Roman times in which the lions feasted on the humans and in this case I can only imagine the Sooners being the lions. Is this too much skepticism built up over the past 25 years or am I being realistic? Please let me know what you think.

Matt Fortuna: I think you win the "Best Question Ever" contest -- and you even addressed me as Mr.! (Also, I think Eric Winston may resent your analogy.)