3-point stance: ND-OU meet for 10th time

1. It’s odd that Notre Dame and Oklahoma have played nine times and never played each other in a bowl game. There have been four home-and-homes, and then, in 1999, Notre Dame had an opening and needed a home game. You hear that from schools all the time but the Oklahomas of the world usually aren’t willing to be the guest. What did the Sooners get in return? The home-and-home that begins tomorrow and ends next September in South Bend.

2. When LSU head coach Les Miles kicked defensive back Tyrann Mathieu off the team in August, it was easy to criticize Mathieu for blowing an opportunity afforded so few young people. But when Baton Rouge police arrested Mathieu for simple possession of marijuana Thursday -- after Mathieu received treatment for substance abuse -- criticism morphed into pity. If, after everything he has gone through, Mathieu still thought it was OK to light up, he’s either really dumb or really unable to quit.

3. The SEC and the Big 12 will announce next week whether the Sugar Bowl or the Cotton Bowl will be the home of the postseason game matching their champions. As fetching as Cowboys Stadium is, I find it hard to believe that either league would give up New Orleans and the French Quarter and the better weather. It also seems easier to get to for the Big 12 teams than Dallas is for the SEC teams. But I’ve been wrong before...