ACC and the BCS: Week 10

It’s time to start talking about the possibility of two BCS bowl teams for the ACC.

No, for real this time.

Not that it wasn’t a possibility before, but now that Florida State AND Clemson are both ranked among the top 14 in the latest BCS standings, they both actually qualify for at-large bids for the first time this season.

Florida State is ranked No. 9 this week, and Clemson is at No. 13. That’s great news for the conference, as the ACC should remain in the BCS conversation as long as both programs win out. Boise State is in the way because it is likely to qualify automatically, leaving two other at-large spots. The question is whether or not the ACC can elbow its way past the SEC and Big 12. The SEC leads all conferences with five teams ranked in the top 10, but the ACC’s two representatives in the top 13 equal the Pac-12 and Big 12.

The ACC -- more specifically the Atlantic Division -- is holding its own.