BCS standings reaction: Week 11

Florida State fans are going to be livid.

Not because FSU (8-1, 5-1 ACC) is ranked No. 10 this week in the BCS standings, but because No. 9 Louisville is ranked ahead of the Seminoles.


Granted, the Cardinals are 9-0. They could be the Big East champs. But they haven’t beaten one ranked team this season. No. 23 Rutgers will be their biggest game this year. With Boise State’s loss to San Diego State this past weekend, the Discover Orange Bowl is looking more and more like an ACC champ versus Big East champ matchup; i.e. FSU vs. Louisville. This is a debate that could very well be settled on the field this postseason. For now, the ACC will have to live with its place behind the Big East leader and a two-loss South Carolina team.

With FSU at No. 10 and Clemson still at No. 13, the ACC is still clinging to the possibility of having two teams play in BCS bowls. The computers have the Noles at No. 19. Savannah State and Murray State probably have a little something to do with that, not to mention a loss to an unranked, four-loss NC State team.

Florida State and Clemson are on track to win out, and both look capable of beating their SEC rivals in their regular-season finales -- two more teams that are ranked ahead of them again in the BCS standings.

While FSU and its fans might not agree with the Noles’ place in the standings, the good news is that both FSU and Clemson still have opportunities to do something about it.

And if this month follows the script in the ACC and the Big East, FSU just might get a shot at the No. 9 team in the nation in the Orange Bowl.