Should injury reports be mandated in CFB?

Collin Klein's injury and the secrecy surrounding said injury has ignited some level of debate.

Colleague Jemele Hill weighed in with a column this week.

Snyder's secrecy isn't unlike how a lot of college football coaches deal with injuries. Some coaches have no problem disclosing them, but others fear a competitive disadvantage and prefer to give as little information as possible.

As much as I understand their position, we should be a little bit uncomfortable with a system in which athletes' injury conditions are routinely hidden.

I'm not accusing Snyder of being deceitful, or insinuating that he is putting a chance at a BCS title or Klein's Heisman Trophy chances above his star quarterback's health.

However, let's also not ignore the strong motivation behind keeping a star player's injury quiet.

If college football had a uniform injury policy similar to the NFL's, there wouldn't be as many questions being raised about Klein's injury and, in general, it would be a lot easier to trust that college coaches were operating in the best interests of their players.

Check out the full column and tell us what you think -- should injury reports be mandated in college football?