3-point stance: Royal preached toughness

1. Former Texas defensive lineman Doug English, a College Football Hall of Famer, on his head coach, the late Darrell Royal: “The motto that embodied a lot of his coaching style was, ‘Hit somebody or get out of the way.’ That was sort of the watchword on the football field. Hit somebody or get out of the way and let somebody else do it. That’s what he wanted out there. He didn’t care how pretty you were or how athletic you were. He knew what he wanted to get done and you needed to be tough and you needed to be aggressive.”

2. The SEC and the Big 12 agreed to stage the game that will match their champions at the Sugar Bowl in New Orleans beginning in two years. It’s the solution that checked off the boxes of tradition, fan convenience and the celebratory atmosphere that separates bowls from every other postseason competition, college or pro. That said, given the four-team playoff, how many times will the Sugar and the Rose actually match two champions? Logic dictates it won’t be often.

3. It’s great that Nebraska and Oklahoma are discussing a home-and-home contract for next decade. Kudos to Penn State and Pittsburgh for agreeing to a home-and-home in 2016 and 2017. But don’t mistake the trips down memory lane for rekindling rivalries that never should have died. The schools may be richer in their new conferences but the sport is poorer for the demise of these annual grudge matches. Harrumph...