Future playoff structure set

Conference commissioners and the BCS Presidential Oversight Committee settled on the rotation of six bowls that will be included in the future playoff system.

They also agreed to details on future revenue distribution. Among two points outlined:

  • For the first time in college football history, revenue will be shared based on academic performance as part of the funding formula.

  • A higher portion of revenues will go to the conferences of the four teams that qualify for the playoff and participate in the other games. Distributions will also be made to conferences whose teams don’t qualify for either a contract or host bowl. Since the new format is projected to be so popular, there will be more revenue for all conferences and independents.

ACC commissioner John Swofford said in a statement:

“I’m pleased with the action taken today by the Presidential Advisory Committee under the leadership of Virginia Tech’s President Charles Steger. We’ve reconfirmed the four-team seeded playoff in a way that maintains college football as the strongest regular season in sports and upholds the tradition of the bowl system. The integration of having academics play a role in the revenue distribution is certainly appropriate and the approach is fair, lucrative for everyone and has unanimous approval from the group. We are closing in on the final aspects of what will be a superb television agreement. In short, this entire approach is proving to be beneficial for both college football and for the Atlantic Coast Conference.”

Of particular interest to ACC fans: sources told Brett McMurphy of ESPN that commissioners have agreed that when the Rose and/or Sugar Bowls are hosting the semifinals, the Big Ten or SEC champion will not be placed in the Orange Bowl. Instead, it would have to be placed in one of the three other access bowls.