3-point stance: Short-fused coaches

1. In the wake of Auburn’s 2010 BCS Championship, Tigers coach Gene Chizik co-wrote a book that used as its title the motto of that undefeated team. Auburn is 2-8, 0-7 in the SEC, and Chizik’s career on the Plains looks like Dead Coach Walking. Last week, retired U.S. Army General David Petraeus resigned as CIA director for having an affair with the author of his 2012 biography. That book shared a title with Chizik’s book. In other words, if you’re going to write a book, do not entitle it, “All In.”

2. Did you see the headlines on the ESPN.com college football page Monday? The conduct of coaches Mike Leach of Washington State, Tommy Tuberville of Texas Tech and Bo Pelini of Nebraska has come under question. It’s no coincidence that this happened in mid-November. Late in the season, with so much at stake, fuses are short. Tuberville, who ripped the headset off a graduate assistant on the sideline Saturday, deserves the benefit of the doubt. He has 30 seasons of even-keeled behavior as a defense.

3. For the first time in a decade, No. 17 UCLA (8-2) and No. 18 USC (7-3) prepare for their crosstown showdown as relative equals. It’s been 11 years since UCLA had a higher ranking than USC, and the winner will represent the Pac-12 South in the league championship game. If nothing else, the Trojans and Bruins should provide a lot of sudden momentum shifts. The two teams have combined to force 53 turnovers. They also have combined to commit 47.