Hope on future: 'I don't have any idea'

Purdue knows it will play in a bowl game for the second straight season. The Boilers don't know whether Danny Hope will be there to coach them.

Hope, rumored to be on his way out for several weeks, was asked about his future at Purdue following the team's 56-35 win against Indiana.

Here's what he had to say:

"Do I expect to be the coach next year? I don't have any idea, but either way, I'm going to be OK. I've learned to live life on the hot seat here at Purdue and anytime that you have a contract that has some weak spots in it -- I didn't have a lot of leverage when I came here [and] I didn't have that strong of a contract from a buyout standpoint or compensation standpoint -- you can be on the hot seat. It's been a way of life since I got here. I'd love to be back next year, but I'll be fine either way."

He doesn't sound overly confident, and perhaps for good reason. Hope received a two-year contract extension last December through the 2016 season, mainly for recruiting purposes. According to the (Lafayette) Journal and Courier, Purdue would owe Hope $600,000 if it terminates him after this season. The buyout decreases by $100,000 each year until 2016.

Rivals.com reports that Purdue athletic director Morgan Burke declined several media interview requests following the Indiana game. Burke issued a statement earlier this month that didn't mention Hope by name and urged the need to let the rest of the season play out. Hope said Saturday he hasn't discussed his future with Burke in a while.

There was a tone of bitterness at the postgame news conference Saturday, as Hope's wife, Sally, told a reporter, "Y'all just couldn't wait for us to lose."

From the Indianapolis Star's Bob Kravitz:

A reporter posed the following: "It sounds like you're at peace with what you've done here, you're hoping for the best and preparing for the worst. Is that an accurate reading of the situation?"

Fair question.

"No, I didn't say that," Hope said. "You did."

"That's what I'm asking, is that a fair assessment?"

"I always do my best," said Hope, misinterpreting the question. "There will be no second guessing about my effort and commitment. I've committed my life to Purdue football for the last four and a half years and sometimes it wasn't reciprocated from many others on the outside."

Expect a resolution on Hope soon, perhaps as early as Sunday.

At this point, it'd be a surprise if he returns for a fifth season.