3-point stance: McCartney misguided

1. Just warning you: If you’re an unaffiliated college football fan who wants a ticket for the BCS National Championship Game in Miami, then root for the Georgia Bulldogs. At the TeamTix website, where fans reserve seats at market prices to see their team in the postseason, Notre Dame tickets Wednesday were offered at $1,190, Alabama tickets at $950, and Georgia tickets at $300.

2. Bill McCartney feels that his protégé, Jon Embree, was wronged by Colorado. I get that. Embree didn’t get a fair shake. But racism? McCartney said that since CU gave Dan Hawkins five years to succeed, Embree should have gotten five years. Hawkins getting five years is the exact reason why Embree wasn’t going to. It had nothing to do with race. Southern Mississippi fired Ellis Johnson after one season. He’s white.

3. The rain is settling in Palo Alto, Calif., and it isn’t supposed to stop before the Pac-12 championship game Friday evening. That means wet, mucky turf for No. 8 Stanford and No. 16 UCLA. Both teams are effective on the ground. But the job that Cardinal offensive-line coach Mike Bloomgren has done in developing freshmen Andrus Peat, Kyle Murphy and Josh Garnett into 20-to-30-plus-play guys means that Stanford is two deep along the front in what appears to be a grind-it-out game.