3-point stance: Spreading the wealth

1. For those of you wondering how Northern Illinois and Wisconsin got in the BCS while Georgia and Oklahoma did not: just remember, “deserving” and “BCS bid” should never be used in the same sentence. The BCS rules aren’t byzantine on purpose. They only allow two bids per conference to spread the wealth. They allowed Northern Illinois to qualify to keep the AQ conferences from being sued by the non-AQs. Did all those rules make the BCS look stupid? Of course. How else would we have a playoff in two years?

2. Notre Dame got to No. 1 not only because it’s undefeated but because of who the Irish beat. No other school beat the champion (Stanford) or co-champion of (Oklahoma) of two AQ conferences as Notre Dame did. In fact, only two other teams beat two first-place teams this season. Oregon defeated Arkansas State and Fresno State. Washington -- yes, 7-5 Washington -- defeated San Diego State and Stanford.

3. Louisiana Tech chose not to accept an Independence Bowl bid on Saturday thinking that a bid to the Liberty or Heart of Dallas would be available. If you blame Bulldog athletic director Bruce Van de Velde for anything, blame him for being a poor chess player. He didn’t think two moves ahead to what would happen if Northern Illinois moved into the top 16 and nudged Oklahoma back into the Big 12’s pool of bowl teams.