3-point stance: Excitable Steve Addazio

1. Steve Addazio is so excitable and so enthusiastic that I think he believes every word he says when he says it. Here’s what he said Wednesday: “This is my dream job. I’ve been a lot of great places, and everywhere I’ve been and all the friends that know me and the people that I’ve worked with, knew that I wanted to one day be here at Boston College.” And here’s what he said two years ago: “My message is make it a destination to be at Temple. Don’t be passing through….(N)ow I’m honestly living my dream.” Addazio believes it. Boston College hopes he meant it.

2. Cal’s decision to hire Sonny Dykes from Louisiana Tech is interesting for what it says about the spread offense in the Pac-12. About half the league, including perennial front-runner Oregon is running some form of the spread. With the notable exception of the Ducks, it’s mostly the bottom half of the league. That can be attributed to the rebuilding going on at Arizona, Arizona State and Washington State. Cal joins them in using the spread to climb back to respectability. It’s becoming an experiment of sorts.

3. It’s been a rough football season for the ACC, at least until the last two weeks. Louisville coach Charlie Strong flirted with Tennessee and decided to take the Cardinals to the ACC. Pittsburgh coach Paul Chryst has said all the right things about not returning to Wisconsin. And Syracuse won five of its last six on its way to join the ACC. That adds up to three stable, successful programs moving to the league, and all from the Big East. Talk about a league having a rough season. ...