Q&A: BC coach Steve Addazio, Part II

Welcome back to the second part of my conversation with new Boston College coach Steve Addazio. Read on to find out what he plans to do with his offense and how it may differ from what he has done in the past.

You’ve talked about Temple tough, when you were with the Owls, and instilling physicality on your teams. Is that something that you’re going to be bringing with you to Boston College?

SA: Absolutely. You play this game, you’ve got to play it with passion and energy and you’ve got to be physically and mentally tough. That’s a starting point. That’s very, very important. It’s a cornerstone. Obviously our quarterback, Chase Rettig, is a real thrower and so we’ve got a quarterback that’s got a real live arm and probably can have an opportunity to have the most balance that I’ve been around and I can’t wait for that. I know that I can bring improvement to the running game, and so I think that we can have a team that has great balance, and I’m excited about that and so that’s real important. But yes, toughness, passion, energy, I think those are real important components, and just being a tough football program in the Northeast and Boston, which is another sports tough city.

You mentioned Rettig. What BC has done is a different style than what you have done with dual-threat quarterbacks and your running game approach. Will you alter your offensive philosophy around what Chase can do?

SA: No question. You’ve always got to play to your strengths. Our strength (at Temple) a year ago wasn’t going to be throwing that football. We had those dynamic backs. Now we have a quarterback whose strength is throwing the football, and we’re going to utilize that. We had that ability at Florida early on, with wide open sets and I’m looking forward to it. I’ve been involved in so many different offenses over the years, and I’ve always believed: utilize your players’ strengths. Having said that, when you have a quarterback like Chase, you also want to complement him with a strong run game and I think really the opportunity to strike a great balance, we have a chance to really have balance. I’ve always wanted to strive to get there. Now, I know we can get there, and that’s exciting. We’re going to develop a system of offense that features our best players. Urban (Meyer) and I used to talk about that all the time. Don’t put a round peg in a square hole, and I think that’s something that we didn’t get done that last year with John (Brantley) and that’s something I absolutely want to get done here. And we will with Chase.

You mentioned the running game. That was an area Boston College struggled in last season. How do you think you’ll be able to help there given your background?

SA: Running the football is something we’ve been able to do at every stop we’ve been at, and we’ll get that done here. That starts up front with some tough, physical offensive line play. They’ve got some really good players here on the offensive line, young guys I’ve watched and I feel there’s a great future here with that. We’re going to develop that running game. That’s important. And we’ve got some really good receivers. We have those receivers in place and so I think that’s there. It’s the run game, it starts up front with the offensive line. I’ve been an offensive line coach my whole career. I’ve been a run game guy. If that’s the thing that needs to improve, I feel good about that. That’s something I feel we can get on top of.