3-point stance: Shaw talks Alavarez

1. Stanford coach David Shaw said on the recruiting trail this weekend that he doesn’t foresee Wisconsin being much different with head coach Barry Alvarez in charge instead of the departed Bret Bielema. He has no plans to dig up Alvarez’s coaching tendencies from a decade ago. “He actually spoke at a couple of events I went to early in my career,” Shaw said. “I just know he’s going to make sure they make smart, sound decisions. He’s a veteran coach. He knows what he’s doing.”

2. Penn State coach Bill O’Brien said Monday that the best benefit of practicing at a fast pace is the mental acuity his defense develops. “Football is such a communication sport now,” O’Brien said. “Guys have to communicate quickly. They have to communicate under pressure and in loud stadiums, with either verbal communication or hand signals or eye contact. Practicing that way really helps your football team.”

3. The miracles that Mike MacIntyre performed in taking San Jose State from 1-12 in 2010, his first season, to 10-2 this year, pale before the task he agreed to undertake at Colorado. The Buffs haven’t had a winning record in since 2005. But MacIntyre will have resources (read: money) in Boulder that he never had in San Jose. He also can recruit to the Pac-12 Conference. Another big selling point for Colorado: The Spartans had an Academic Progress Rate of 981. MacIntyre, who came to San Jose State from Duke, coaches academics, too.