Pac-12 to officiate national title game

Notre Dame's national title game tilt with Alabama will be officiated by the Pac-12, according to AL.com's Jon Solomon.

Officials from all six BCS conferences work BCS bowls on a rotation, and they cannot officiate teams from their conferences. Because of that rule, the SEC has not officiated a national title game since the 2004 matchup between USC and Oklahoma.

The Big 12 officiated last year's national title game and will not have officials at any of this year's BCS bowl games.

The anti-Notre Dame contingent can get a head start on the conspiracy theories should the Irish pull off the Jan. 7 upset over the Tide. It was Pac-12 officials, after all, who called Notre Dame's Oct. 13 overtime win over Stanford, a game that featured a number of close calls. (The Cardinal play in … wait, that's right -- the Pac-12.)