3-point stance: Boise State correct to leave

1.Sanity returns! Boise State’s decision to forego its membership in the Big East is a victory for the long view, not to mention geography. Now that Boise State will return to the Mountain West, can San Diego State be far behind? And after that, maybe Maryland will return to the ACC. Maybe Syracuse, Pittsburgh and Rutgers will come back to the Big East. A guy can dream, right?

2.USC is the first preseason No. 1 to finish the season with six losses, and how exactly does that mean that the Trojans should have fingers pointed at them? It seems to me that the poll voters fell victim to Hollywood-style hype. Of the 20 voters in the ESPN.com power rankings, I had USC the lowest -- at No. 5. Guilty as charged. Lack of depth due to NCAA-mandated scholarship reductions meant the Trojans couldn’t withstand their injuries. The defensive problems are another story.

3.While we’re at it, I had LSU as No. 1 in my preseason vote. I failed to factor the Hat’s playcalling into my analysis. As he did against Alabama, Les Miles turned a close victory into a heartbreaking loss Monday night, 25-24, to Clemson in the Chick-fil-A Bowl. All of those mindbending victories for which Miles became famous? The Hat is no match for the law of averages.