Denard Robinson denied storybook ending

TAMPA, Fla. -- He took his time leaving the field one final time, the last time Michigan would see Denard Robinson in one of its own jerseys. He stopped to shake hands with South Carolina players and slowly made his way under the tunnel.

Robinson's Michigan career, one of setting records and winning games, of bringing the Wolverines back from a struggling program that didn't go to a bowl in his freshman season to a BCS game winner as a junior, was over.

In much the same way as his senior season unfolded, his final game didn't go how he would have liked -- a 33-28 loss to South Carolina in the Outback Bowl -- but how Robinson was going to be judged in college would not have been changed by how he played against the Gamecocks.

That was already determined. He might have helped his draft stock Tuesday by playing mostly running back, giving a glimpse into his potential NFL future, but his college legacy was already understood.

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