Bryan Campbell is defying the odds

EUGENE, Ore. -- Gary Campbell has a plane to catch. He's flying to Florida later in the afternoon to see a running back recruit, but first he has to swing by his house to pack and say hello/goodbye to the toughest kid he's ever met.

Campbell knows running backs: He's coached nearly every 1,000-yard rusher Oregon has ever had, including this season's All-American, Kenjon Barner. And no major-college assistant football coach has spent more time at a program than Campbell. Right now, it's 30 years and counting.

So Campbell makes the short drive from the Ducks' football facility to his gorgeous little neighborhood in Eugene. He drives a Mercedes. His collection of tailored suits is legendary at Oregon. His holiday-decorated house sits in a cul-de-sac, and in the back of the property you'll find a pond and bubbling fountain. Life is good.

And then you walk into his home and the first thing you hear is the gentle sound of what turns out to be a respirator. You meet his wife Alola, a loving, headstrong woman from Mississippi who married Gary in 1982. You meet a nurse named Angela. And you meet Bryan.

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