Saban and Calipari are linked by success

Nick Saban and John Calipari couldn't be any more different.

Outside of the fact Saban coaches football and Calipari is a basketball coach, the two have very different personalities. Calipari shows about as much emotion when talking to people in a single conversation as Saban does in a year's worth of social gatherings.

Calipari is a social butterfly, while Saban speaks softly and keeps things short and simple.

Both can be very animated when it's game time and there's no escaping the fact both are big-time winners. While their paths to success might have been different, they are linked by their winning bodies of work.

Alex Scarborough of ESPN.com's TideNation takes a closer look at how both coaches are linked by their success.

Here's a little excerpt from what Scarborough wrote about the two:

"Calipari needs just a handful of recruits to buy into his program, while his counterpart needs dozens to be convinced. Winning titles this past season has helped both men in this respect. They don't trudge up and down the recruiting trail -- they dance along it, picking out blue-chip prospects like produce at an overstocked supermarket.

Saban and Calipari, Calipari and Saban. Say it enough times and it will stick with you, like apples and oranges. They're a study in how two wildly different coaches can yield similar results. They're a study in mathematics. They apply different formulas, yet end up with similar outcomes. Calipari is the soothsaying salesman with charm to spare, and Saban is ... well, none of those things."