BYU's BCS bubble has burst

Posted by ESPN.com’s Graham Watson

PROVO, Utah -- With Florida State’s last touchdown, it looks like it will be a bad day for college football in the state of Utah.

The Utes lost earlier in the day to Oregon 31-24 and the Cougars have a long uphill climb to even make this game competitive.

Where did BYU go wrong? It wasn’t the offense, though O’Neill Chambers' fumble on the first series put the Cougars in a hole and Max Hall’s interceptions resulted in scores, it was the defense. Throughout the offseason there were several questions about whether the BYU defense would be able to keep up with some of the more athletic teams it had to face this season. It assuaged some of those doubts against Oklahoma, but against Florida State, the Seminoles just looked faster all around.

So where do the Cougars go from here? Well, BYU has been down this road before and it led to the demise of their season last year. The Cougars said they had learned from that experience and are better for it, but we’ll see the reaction of the team in the postgame press conference.

So, there’s no national championship coming to Provo this year and likely no BCS bowl berth. BYU might have been able to make a case with a close loss, but this is a blowout and the Cougars rarely looked competitive. The best BYU can hope for at this point is a Mountain West title.

I’ll have more when I return from the press conferences.