Collin Klein's unlikely new football mentor

Collin Klein grew up in Colorado, so it's doubtful he needed much introduction to the man helping him prepare for his future at the next level.

Former Denver Broncos quarterback Jake Plummer left football almost six years ago, but he's back now after a gig as a high school assistant. Klein signed up to have Plummer help him reach his goal of playing QB in the NFL.

"Sure, I was a little anxious at first, just because I didn't know what to expect," Klein told the Denver Post. "I knew of [Plummer] as a player, but I just wanted to make sure we maximized our time together, getting ready. But after the first week, I knew it was right. I knew we would make great progress and he was going to help me, and he has helped me every time we've worked together."

After football, Plummer embraced a career in handball, but his latest project came about after meeting with the Broncos' chiropractor, who led him to Klein's agent and taking on Klein as a new student. Not that Plummer was unfamiliar.

"I was watching him his junior year, and I was thinking: 'Man, this kid just has it. He can run, he's got great feet, he can throw the ball all around the field.' I just thought he was one of the top prospects at quarterback I had seen," Plummer told the paper. "Then this year he has a great year, scrambling, making plays. ... You can't coach that. And it just came together. It's funny that it turned out to be him, and that I was just ready to do something like this."

The two are certainly similar in their penchant for scrambling, but for all the naysaying around Klein, it's got to be good to hear from somebody who believes in him at the next level. Plummer's always been an interesting guy, but Klein couldn't have found a more out-of-the-box coach to help him prepare.