No new name yet for league

The remaining football schools in the league formerly known as the Big East have to come up with a new name to begin the rebranding and rebuilding process.

Though America 12 is one name that is favored, commissioner Mike Aresco said in a statement Friday that no new name has been decided.

“We have not chosen a new conference name at this time and there are no favorites," Aresco said. "We are going through a thoughtful evaluation of potential names for our conference, and will select a name in a timely manner through a comprehensive and deliberate process that involves our presidents and athletic directors as well as constituents from inside and outside the conference. We are excited about the prospect of re-branding and look forward to working with our institutions and our fans as we engage in this process.”

Ever since the Catholic 7 announced its intentions to split, I have been onboard with giving the basketball schools the Big East name. After all, the Big East started as a basketball conference, and people identify the Big East with basketball much more than football. Especially when you consider how much the football Big East brand has been tarnished because of all the defections the last couple of years.

The truth is, the football programs remaining do not truly represent the Big East football brand that was established in 1991. Only Temple remains.

Having said that, my vote would go to a league name without a number in it. The Big Ten has soon to be 14 teams; the Big 12 has 10. Why would the league formerly known as the Big East box itself in with a number in its name? What happens if more teams leave? What happens if more than 12 teams are added? I can get behind America in the name, considering the league will stretch from the East Coast and perhaps into Oklahoma should Tulsa be added as the 12th member, as expected.

But we have already seen numbers in league names just don't work. So we'll see what the league eventually comes up with. Check back next week for a poll and some of our creative name ideas for the new league.