Frank Beamer does the Harlem Shake

First Paul Johnson joins Twitter.

Now Frank Beamer has been spotted doing the Harlem Shake.

Is this real life?

Yes, yes it is.

Now, we all know the Harlem Shake has swept the nation, and just about every team has done their own version of the quirky dance video. In the past week, Miami and Georgia Tech have released their own. Among the most ridiculous highlights -- Miami running back Duke Johnson dressed as a penguin and Jackets players dancing around a cardboard cutout of their coach.

Both highly entertaining.

But not nearly as entertaining as watching Beamer, the dean of college football coaches, attempting to shimmy and shake to the music as he takes a casual stroll through the Hokies locker room. Here are a list of things I would have predicted seeing before this video came out:

Wings on pigs

Santa Claus being real

Duke winning a football national championship

Instead, Beamer got down with his bad self, taking a page out of the Frank Sinatra dance book to the tune of a 2013 viral sensation. Nobody can say where exactly he learned these moves, not even his son, assistant coach Shane Beamer -- who posted this on Twitter shortly after the video was posted:

Is it bad that my 3 yr old has watched the Harlem Shake video 7 times and keeps asking "What's Grand-dad doing?" Dancing sweetie, dancing

Beamer clearly has proven that there are no limits to what a man can do when the Harlem Shake starts blaring through the beat box.

You can't help but get down.