Vote: What should Big East name itself?

Last week, I got an email wondering why we had yet to put up a poll on what the Big East should name itself.

Well, the day has finally arrived now that the news is official. The splitting hoops teams are keeping the Big East name, and the conference formerly known as the Big East gets to be creative and re-brand itself with something hip, cool and (hopefully) long lasting.

Having said that, the first name floated out there -- America 12 -- has been met with a hearty thumbs down in a recent SportsNation poll. More than 68,000 votes were cast, and 68 percent dislike the name. That has me wondering -- who are the 32 percent of you who like this name?

I am not a huge fan. So last week I asked for some suggestions and have listed the top 4 submitted by our loyal readers, plus my submission, in this handy dandy poll.

My favorite continues to be Big Country. I have lobbied for this one going back to the days when Boise State and San Diego State were set to join the league. Ah, the good ol' days of October. Anyway, the league formerly known as the Big East has moved westward into Texas and is likely to further expand into Oklahoma. That does not encompass the WHOLE country but it does encompass a big enough part of the country to warrant the name. Plus, it also avoids all numbers -- something that this league would be advised to do considering past history.

The fan favorite among these choices seems to be American Collegiate Sports Conference as submitted by victorocala. He even provides a nickname: "The Axe." Victor submitted his idea and a letter to the Big East office and wrote, in part: "We feel the name is easy to remember with a great nickname, to cut thru the competition". It would also be a great trophy to visualize the 'cutting edge' of said conference."

With reports that the Big East may turn to social media to help pick a name, your ideas are as good as mine and as good as those the Big East has hired to help them out. So chime in and make your voice heard in this poll. I know there are a lot of ideas out there, but these are the ideas I consider to be the top 5.

Feel free to write in your own either into the mailbag or in the comments section and we will review them later this week.