3-point stance: Dykes looks solid at Cal

1. As a guy with Texas roots who was coaching at Louisiana Tech, Sonny Dykes didn’t seem as if he would be the right fit at California, and that’s before the subject of his spread offense even came up. But as Pac-12 blogger Ted Miller explains on the ESPNU College Football Podcast posting today, Dykes, who ran the offense for Mike Stoops at Arizona, wanted back into the conference. He likes the perspective in which the West Coast holds college football. I bet Dykes fits in just fine.

2. Three cheers for the plus-one’s ability to force the big-name schools to play one another. For the past three months, one intersectional game after another has been announced. The demand for schedule strength convinced Wisconsin athletic director Barry Alvarez to send the Badgers to play Alabama in the 2015 Cowboys Classic. That will make six times in eight seasons that the Crimson Tide has opened in a “preseason bowl.” Alabama coach Nick Saban understood the value of these games from the start.

3. The decision by the NCAA Board of Directors to suspend two rules that would have deregulated recruiting is a victory for common sense. The special committee rewriting the NCAA Manual pushed the deregulation through without hearing from football coaches. All of the NCAA hierarchy has heard the coaches now. Ignoring coaches is a longstanding tradition of NCAA policy. For years, it was the progressive thing to do. Coaches fought change. But this deregulation, which would have set off an arms race in recruiting, went too far. Kudos to the NCAA for figuring that out before the rules went into effect.