New league reset: Changes scorecard

Now that Tulsa has officially been accepted as a member of the soon-to-be renamed Big East, I thought this would be a good time to quickly go over the changes this league has gone through over the past two years.

A quick reset, so to speak, so everybody can keep track of who went where and who is joining when. So, here goes.

Who's out

  • Boise State *

  • Louisville, to ACC

  • Pittsburgh, to ACC

  • Rutgers, to Big Ten

  • San Diego State *

  • Syracuse, to ACC

  • TCU *

  • West Virginia, to Big 12

  • "The Catholic 7," to keep Big East name

* = never played in a league game

Who's in

  • Temple, 2012

  • Houston, 2013

  • Memphis, 2013

  • SMU, 2013

  • UCF, 2013

  • East Carolina, 2014

  • Tulane, 2014

  • Tulsa, 2014

  • Navy (football only), 2015

What do you need to know about Tulsa? Well, the Golden Hurricane have been solid on the football field, going to eight bowl games in the past 10 years. They have made four C-USA title game appearances and won two of those games, including last season over UCF. Speaking of C-USA title games, Tulsa and UCF have the most appearances. And there is no doubting that the soon-to-be renamed Big East has taken the cream from Conference USA. Every team that has made the title game is joining the Big East except one -- Southern Miss.

A league championship game would most likely make its debut in 2015, when the league has 12 members and is split into two divisions.

Many big pieces remain on the agenda: coming up with a new league name, re-branding and re-marketing the league and moving forward with bowl partnerships. All of these have to be done in short order so the league can truly begin to move forward.