3-point stance: Louisville is flush

1. The appearance is that Louisville’s run in this academic year -- a BCS bowl victory, and the championship game in men’s and women’s basketball -- will catapult the Cardinals into being the top dog in the ACC when they arrive in 2014. The reality is that Louisville would be No. 1 anyway, if the measurement is athletic revenue. Louisville expected to bring in $85 million this year before it capitalizes on its competitive success.

2. Penn State used its three outdoor practice fields for 14 of 15 spring workouts a year ago. On Monday, the Nittany Lions went outside for only the second time in nine workouts to date. Snow -- then the mud underneath it -- forced the team into the indoor facility time after time. As for the other issue head coach Bill O’Brien cannot change, the shorthanded roster, Penn State is long on tight ends. If you like the Stanford offense, with two and three tight ends, you may love the Nittany Lions this fall.

3. The past week has illustrated the complete spectrum of what we love and despise about college athletics. The drug issues and charges of wrongdoing at Auburn, shoved aside by the coaching misdeeds and boardroom intrigue at Rutgers, cast a shadow on the Final Four weekends in Atlanta and New Orleans. And then, 7-year-oid Jack Hoffman runs for a 69-yard touchdown in the Nebraska spring game, a reminder of the emotion that compels us to love our teams in the first place.