3-point stance: Awaiting the BCS finale

1. The college football world is tapping its fingers impatiently waiting for The College Football Playoff. That’s too bad for a couple of reasons. First, no matter the excitement, the game won’t be here for 20 months. Second, the final BCS title will be played in Pasadena a week after the 100th Rose Bowl. That’s a legendary doubleheader at the most historic site in the game. Sign me up.

2. Stanford released its post-spring depth chart on Monday. Fifth-year seniors Anthony Wilkerson and Tyler Gaffney are listed as co-starters at tailback. Redshirt freshman Barry J. Sanders needs to learn pass protection before he moves up the chart. But he’s one of six backs who will play. Offensive coordinator Mike Bloomgren laughed as he told this story: “Tavita Pritchard is our new running backs coach. We watched Barry make six cuts and make 10 people miss, and somebody said, ‘Tavita, you’re doing a helluva job.’”

3. Wake Forest won the 2006 ACC championship in part because head coach Jim Grobe annually does a great job of redshirting. Having older, more mature players has been a way for the have-nots to play the haves. But as Demon Deacons offensive coordinator Steed Lobotzke told my colleague Heather Dinich, Grobe is getting impatient. He wants to win now. To do that, he believes playing freshmen is more important than saving them. Is this a message that freshmen are more ready then ever? Or is it merely the work of a coaching lifer who wants to keep coaching? I think it’s the latter.