3-point stance: Notre Dame's face lift

1.Of course the Fighting Irish are looking to expand Notre Dame Stadium. These days, any venue that hasn’t been touched in 17 years is nearly obsolete. But what I like about the approach described by athletic director Jack Swarbrick is that this is not a seat grab. For all of the plans described by Swarbrick, capacity would increase by only about 4,000 seats. The expansion is about facilities and creature comforts, and yes, we will all still be able to see Touchdown Jesus.

2.Oregon offensive lineman Tyler Johnstone said that new assistant O-line coach Joe Bernardi differs in style from the old-school ways of veteran coach Steve Greatwood. For instance, Greatwood wants bare arms in cold weather, the traditional show of toughness. But, oh, those styling Duck unis with matching sleeves. “You want to look good because you’re looking to play good,” Johnstone said. “Coach Bernardi agrees with that. He wants us to walk out there like you’re the baddest mother on that field. He wants the other team to know that, too.”

3.The power struggle at Penn State continues. Alumni who are upset with the board of trustees for its endorsement of the Freeh Report and its blind acceptance of the NCAA penalties, voted out three trustees last week and its harsh dismissal of the late head coach Joe Paterno. What has been dismissed as nothing more than rabble-rousing has in fact roused the rabble to act. The story is not going to go away anytime soon.