Ashely Lowery's condition has improved

Kentucky junior safety Ashely Lowery's condition is improving after he was involved in a serious car crash over the weekend.

On Monday, both Lowery's family and coach Mark Stoops released statements about Lowery's health. Lowery's family said that the hospital had upgraded his condition from stable to satisfactory.

Here's the family's full statement:

“On behalf of the Lowery family, we’d like to thank everyone for their concerns and prayer. From Georgia to Lexington, we can’t thank everyone enough. You are like family to us.

“The only official comment from the hospital is that his condition has been upgraded from stable to satisfactory and his injuries are no longer life threatening. We expect a full recovery. Again, thank you so much for all the prayers and support.”

While near his hometown of Cleveland, Ga., early Saturday morning, Lowery, who wasn't wearing a seat belt, lost control of his car and it flipped several times before he was ejected from it, landing 100 feet from the car.

According to the Louisville Courier-Journal, Lowery was in a neck brace, sedated and on a breathing tube until Sunday morning. Doctors then woke him up and removed the tube. He was able to recognize members of his family, could answer questions from doctors and was even able to make a joke.

Doctors hope to move Lowery, who was in intensive care Monday, to a regular hospital room soon.

Here's what Stoops said about Lowery's recovery:

“I went to see Ashely today and was glad to see him and spend some time with him. We’re thankful for the progress he’s made and are hopeful he will continue that improvement. He’s heard from a lot of teammates and is grateful for all the good wishes and prayers that so many people are offering on his behalf. We ask the Big Blue Nation to join Ashely’s football family in continuing to pray for a speedy recovery.”

It's good to hear that Lowery is improving the way he is. There were some real moments of concern for his long-term health when he first made it to the hospital, but he has made a remarkable turnaround in only a short amount of time.

Lowery still has a ways to go with, but it sounds like he's on the right path to recovery.