SEC-Big 12 football challenge dream games

So the SEC and the Big 12 have decided to go at it on the basketball court this fall. The new SEC-Big 12 Challenge that the two leagues announced on Tuesday has to be pretty exciting for college basketball fans. Kudos to the two leagues for joining on the hardwood.

But how cool would it be if these two conferences joined in the football realm as well? Sure, these two have the new Sugar Bowl, but just imagine these two conferences, which have a little beef between them right now, facing each other during the regular season.

All that offense against all that defense.

It's likely just a pipe dream, but a boy can dream, right? Well, I'm dreaming right now and I've come up with my top five SEC-Big 12 matchups I'd like to see in my future SEC-Big 12 Challenge:

Alabama vs. Oklahoma: Bob Stoops gets to face Nick Saban in a game that would be preceded by plenty of talk about both coaches' comments about the SEC -- and Saban's about Stoops. On the field, you'd see a lot of speed from both sides, but would the Sooners have enough up front to stop the pounding that the Crimson Tide has given pretty much every nonconference opponent in the last few years?

Florida vs. Texas: Will Muschamp was supposed to be the head coach of the Longhorns, but he was tired of waiting around. I feel like there would be some awkwardness beforehand between Muschamp and Mack Brown that could escalate during the game. That just makes for a way more entertaining game. Plus, the Gators would finally leave the southeast!

Texas A&M vs. Texas: Well, duh. This one is too obvious, but there is so much bitterness and history between these two schools that there's no way it wasn't going to make my top five. Plus, the Aggies are trying to prove that they aren't looking up at the Longhorns anymore. The fan interaction might be more entertaining than the actual game.

LSU vs. Oklahoma State: Les Miles seeing his old team? Yes, please! The Cowboys know how to sling it around with the best of them, while LSU always has a ton of speed on defense. The Tigers aren't strangers to Big 12 ball, but I just have a feeling this would be really fun to watch, considering these two were so close to playing a couple of years ago.

Georgia vs. West Virginia: I love to see great defense -- I really do -- but I'm sucker for blowing scoreboard lights out. I'm pretty sure we'd get exactly that if these two met in the near future. Since this game would be played after this season, the Dawgs might have a little more bite from their defense, so expect some more exciting play calling from WVU.

What matchups would you like to see in my awesome SEC-Big 12 challenge?