Pac-10 morning: commissioners don't foresee playoff

Posted by ESPN.com's Ted Miller

Please, read these responsibly...

  • More details of the tragic drowning death of Oregon redshirt freshman Todd Doxey.

  • Washington's Jake Locker is back to being just a dual-threat QB -- his baseball season is over.

  • Scott Wolf's informative, gossipy, edgy USC blog for the LA Daily News has been overtaken this summer by a "Song Girl" controversy. You can read his blog for details, but suffice it to say that the subject has taken on a life of its own, surpassing football as the hottest topic.

  • This columnist thinks college football's insane ride, which the Pac-10 fueled by sending three teams to No. 2 in the nation (and watching two of them go belly-up), is a sign of things to come and 2008 could be just as wild.

  • If you are a college football fan with an Internet connection -- particularly if you've got a West Coast lean -- you've surely regularly checked in on The Wizard of Odds. The Web site's publisher goes public today with his identity because he was among the layoffs at the LA Times. As you are probably aware, the newspaper business is struggling. I'm new media now, but I can't help but find that very sad.

  • Conference commissioners chat with the Orlando Sentinel about a potential playoff. Survey says: NAAAAAAAAA!

  • Even being a backup linebacker at USC has its privileges, including a four-year, $2 million contract.

  • Many questions remain for Pat Tillman's family, and they are unhappy about how they can't seem to get any answers.

  • Two of the nation's three female athletic directors in BCS conferences run Pac-10 departments -- Arizona State's Lisa Love and California's Sandy Barbour (the third is Maryland's Debbie Yow). Love and Yow did a Q&A with USA Today on their experiences. Got a feeling folks down in Tempe presently have plenty of love for Love after a mostly spectacular athletic year.

  • Here's another way to debate which conference is the best.

  • Warning: hoops note. DeMar DeRozan is De-Ready to play for the Trojans. USC officials have cleared him academically to join the team immediately. Interesting paragraph in the LA Times story:

The development also muted rumors DeRozan would follow former Compton Dominguez High standout Brandon Jennings to play professionally in Europe. Awaiting his own SAT result, Jennings opted last week to forgo a season at Arizona before his expected 2009 entry into the NBA draft.