3-point stance: Bowden's ageless class

1. It’s great to hear that Florida State will honor former coach Bobby Bowden at a game this season. Four years ago, the university shoved Bowden out the door, and the only one who acted with any honor was Bowden. He maintained his distance from the program even when he got past his own hurts because he wanted to give Jimbo Fisher, his hand-picked successor, room to establish himself. And now the time has come. Bowden accepted the university’s offer with grace, proving that class never ages.

2. Loved the best/worst of the BCS era that the conference bloggers posted this week. Matt Fortuna pointed out that the Big East membership that began the BCS era had the football chops. Miami and Virginia Tech appeared in three of the first five BCS championship games. The original membership didn’t go very deep, but the teams at the top rocked. But Miami didn’t stay on top, and left. Virginia Tech didn’t stay on top, and left. And none of the other Big East teams picked up the slack.

3. I understand why Maryland doesn’t want to pay the ACC a $52 million exit fee on its way to the Big Ten. And I understand Maryland’s argument that the ACC didn’t suffer any injury because Louisville and Notre Dame are coming to the conference. But the ACC membership, with Maryland as a member, approved the exit fee. What does it matter whether the ACC is injured or not? The league had a rule. Maryland is a member of the league. Why shouldn’t Maryland live by the rule? Am I missing something?