3-point stance: Remember Rees, Irish fans?

1. Notre Dame partisans, like most fans, know their trees intimately but don’t quite identify the forest. Irish senior quarterback Tommy Rees is 14-4 as a starter. His intelligence has allowed him to make plays beyond his skills. He is a godsend for an Irish team that just lost first-team quarterback Everett Golson to academic issues. But when I tweeted Saturday night that Rees meant that Notre Dame would be fine, I got several replies asking if I was being sarcastic. Irish fans need to step back and see the forest.

2. Georgia had seven defensive players drafted last month. Coach Mark Richt believes the number of open jobs will motivate his players throughout the summer. “Sometimes guys feel like they’re stuck,” Richt said, “that no matter what they do, they’re not going to play. Right this minute, I think everybody feels like they’re alive in this competition. I hope that we will have a really good offseason. Guys will be really believing that they’ve got a chance to prove something and win playing time, win starting positions.”

3. By the time that opening weekend arrives, we’re so hungry for college football that we’ll watch just about anything, which is pretty much how a lot of conferences schedule. In the ACC, four teams will play FCS opponents. Two others will play teams from the Sun Belt. Yet there’s also Pittsburgh making its league debut against Florida State, plus three SEC opponents (Clemson-Georgia, Virginia Tech-Alabama and North Carolina-South Carolina). The good news is, ACC teams don’t have to look far to see how to schedule.