Brian Kelly disappointed in Golson

Notre Dame coach Brian Kelly compared the recent news of Everett Golson's departure for the fall to a father being disappointed in his son, calling this is a moment that will define the quarterback depending on how he responds.

"I'm on 30 years now in college ball, and it's like being a dad -- you're disappointed but you know these things happen, and you want your players to be accountable," Kelly said Tuesday during a teleconference. "So there's a big sense of pride in knowing that Everett handled himself in the right way, took full accountability and responsibility, is going to do everything in his power to get himself back here at Notre Dame.

"So disappointed, certainly, that it occurred but not surprised. You can't be surprised when you're working with 18- to 21-years-olds. I'm not surprised when my 16 year-old knucklehead son comes home and does crazy things. But when there's a family and we hope to support him, and in this instance with Everett I'm very proud of the way he handled himself."

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