3-point stance: A win for the Big Ten

1. The Big Ten announced Monday that it has made deals with the Holiday Bowl and the Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl. The conference effectively traded bowl destinations in Tucson and Houston for San Diego and the Bay Area. That’s a win. The Big Ten swapped two games against the Big 12 for two games against the Pac-12. Given their long ties to the Rose Bowl, and the failed attempt to schedule more regular-season games against Pac-12 programs, the Big Ten wins there, too.

2. The Mid-American Conference is offering you, any of you, the opportunity to be an inkstrained wretch at its football media day next month. Fans from each school may apply to cover their beloved, and the MAC will approve the questions for the head coach before they are asked. It would be easy to go snarky here, but I like the idea. The MAC is trying to market itself to the public. If I’m the league, and I don’t feel like I’m getting enough attention, then I do what I have to do to connect to MAC fans. Bravo.

3. Commissioner Mike Aresco has fought hard to keep the new American Athletic Conference relevant. But here’s a problem that he can’t blame on outside forces. The AAC forced out longtime public relations guy John Paquette on Monday. It’s still a people business, and the AAC just ran off a veteran who is universally respected by his peers and the media. The league has enough problems without causing more for itself, which is exactly what it did.