Uni Watch: Nebraska to wear black uniform

The Cornhuskers will don an alternate black uniform for at least one game this season. Courtesy of Adidas

1. Nebraska. The Cornhuskers will be wearing an alternate black uniform for their Sept. 14 game against UCLA. The adidas fabric is adorned with dozens of feathered stretch marks -- something we'll be seeing a lot of from adidas this season. It's not an ugly uniform per se, but it doesn't feel right to see the 'Huskers wearing black, especially since they have the long-established tradition of calling the first-string defensive unit the Blackshirts. What's the point of being a Blackshirt if the whole team is wearing black shirts? Disappointing. Grade: B-

2. UCLA. Speaking of adidas' feathered stretch marks, you can really get a good look at them on UCLA's new home jersey. Back in April, coach Jim Mora had tweeted about the possibility of extending the shoulder stripes back to their original length, but that didn't happen. Too bad. (Meanwhile, the Bruins won't have a special uniform for that Sept. 14 game against Nebraska -- they'll just wear their regular white road uni.) Grade: B

3. Oregon. The Twitterverse blew up last night when an Oregon recruit named Brady Bergan tweeted a photo of what he claimed to be a pair of new apple-green chrome helmets for the Ducks:

There was no immediate confirmation on the helmets' legitimacy from Oregon, but it turns out that the helmets can also be seen at the 1:30 mark of this Oregon football promotional video, so it looks like they're legit. Cool design, although that particular shade of apple green doesn't feel quite right for the Ducks. Need to see these on the field before making a full assessment. Grade: Incomplete

4. Arkansas. Small tweak for the Razorbacks: Last season their uni numbers faded from white to gray, but now they're solid white -- a big improvement. Grade: A