Hokies AD talks about Michael Holmes case

If you think the case of Virginia Tech running back Michael Holmes is unusual -- an athlete getting kicked out of school by the school itself, and not by the athletic department or the legal system -- you're right.

Athletic director Jim Weaver told ESPN.com today that he has only seen this happen "once or twice" during his tenure as athletic director, and he did not remember it ever happening with the football program.

Apparently, it happened for the first time about a month ago, when the Office of Student Conduct expelled Holmes for his alleged involvement in an April fight.

“He is permanently separated from the university,” Weaver said, using the same language the Office of Student Conduct gave to him.

Because the charges were reduced from a felony to a misdemeanor, Weaver could have reinstated Holmes, as long as it was approved by the university, but Weaver said he heard from the Office of Student Conduct before he had a chance to make up his mind.

“I hadn’t planned on doing anything until I saw the results of his case,” Weaver said.

“My role in this was non-involvement because it never got to us,” he said. “The decision was made on campus before it ever came to us, and that might not be the commonplace, but it is certainly, I think, in effect at many schools.”

According to Virginia Tech, a student can decide to either have their case heard by peers or by professionals in the student services area. Weaver would not say which Holmes chose, nor would he comment on whether or not he thought the process was fair.