3-point stance: Meet 'Jake Football'

1. Reinforcing my belief that offensive linemen are the best interviews in football, Texas A&M left tackle Jake Matthews did his best to grab attention away from his more famous quarterback at SEC Media Days. Matthews, with tongue in cheek, thought out loud that he needed a nickname and suggested that it be “Jake Football.” As the son of NFL Hall of Famer Bruce Matthews and cousin of Packers star Clay Matthews, someone asked about the First Family of Football. “That’s what we like to tell ourselves,” Jake said.

2. One thing I learned here is that Texas A&M is overrated in the top 10. The losses in the defensive front, both in numbers and experience, are simply too large to overcome. Head coach Kevin Sumlin said one reason the Aggies signed 31 players last February is to create depth. “They are going to be great players,” Sumlin said. “We just need them to be great players here in two months.” You can’t win in the SEC with 18-year-olds playing 21-year-olds on the line of scrimmage.

3. Mississippi State head coach Dan Mullen said Wednesday he would be perfectly happy if college football reverted to the pre-BCS days and allowed for two national champions. He worried that playoffs will take precedence over end-of-season rivalries like the Egg Bowl. “What makes college football great is the passion and the tradition,” Mullen said. The powers that be believe a four-team playoff won’t tamper with the sanctity of the regular season. Hey, go for it. But I hope guys like Mullen keep speaking out.