3-point stance: Haves and have-nots

1.Through the filter of their personalities, commissioners Mike Slive of the SEC and Bob Bowlsby of the Big 12 have delivered the same message of NCAA change. The big five conferences want to live by rules better suited to their budgets. And they should. But here’s one problem. The BCS, by drawing a line between the haves (AQs) and have-nots (non-AQs) set in motion the realignment that rocked intercollegiate athletics. If the haves separate themselves into a Division IV, will they dare set membership requirements high enough to keep the have-nots at bay? Promise them a slice of the pie to stay out?

2.It’s no surprise that the ACC media picked Clemson to win the conference championship. The Tigers have an explosive offense and, with non-ACC games against SEC powers Georgia and South Carolina, the schedule to carry them into BCS championship contention. But here’s the surprise: Clemson has not been the preseason pick to win the ACC since 1991. As the only original member of the ACC to take football more seriously than basketball, Clemson underachieved for a long time.

3.Georgia coach Mark Richt, a former quarterback, underwent hip replacement surgery after last season. He think the problem dates to his playing days. Just not playing football. “People had asked that question,” Richt said, laughing, “and I really have tried to remember what happened to me along the way. I guess it’s OK to mention it. I've mentioned it before. It was a swing-set accident.” What’s worse, he was a grown man. I cannot do it justice. You better listen.