3-point stance: Former QB shuffling QBs

1. Oklahoma State head coach Mike Gundy has decided not to pick a starting quarterback between senior Clint Chelf and sophomore J.W. Walsh. Of all head coaches, you would think Gundy, a star quarterback with the Cowboys back in the day, would want to give that assurance to the player running his offense. Then again, no one shuffled quarterbacks more effectively than Steve Spurrier at Florida, and he won the 1966 Heisman playing quarterback. Maybe they know something we don’t?

2. Bo Pelini has gone 9-4 or 10-4 in each of his five seasons at Nebraska, yet the whole feels like less than the sum of those parts. Flaws? There are the big games -- the Huskers are 0-3 in conference championship games and 0-for-their-last-three-bowls. There are the big losses -- in eight defeats in 2011-12, Nebraska allowed 46 points per game. His record reminds me of John Cooper, who won enough to get elected to the Hall of Fame but couldn’t beat Michigan. Nebraska will be one of the most interesting stories in 2013.

3. For the 34 teams who play next Thursday night, the season starts today, the first day of their game week. That makes it official: We made it through the offseason with no major scandal(s), no head coaches being fired, and no schools jumping from one conference to another. Instead, we got the format for 2014 and the groundbreaking for the new College Football Hall of Fame. Hallelujah.